According to Yoder-Wise (2022) mentoring is an important leadership function; The Robert Wood Johnson Nurse executive fellows program identify five main “competencies for leaders and mentors” Those five competencies are Interpersonal and communication effectiveness, risk-taking and creativity, self-knowledge, inspiring and leading change, and strategic vision.

Create an annotated bibliography (Refer to APA 7th ed, pgs. 307, 308), analyze this article, (LINK BELOW) and summarize (critique) it and post your analysis. Must use 2 citations. Please use link and article that has been uploaded for citations

ALSO answer questions 

How can one develop these competencies?  Can they be learned? Are all leaders mentors? Do you choose your mentor? or Does your mentor choose you? Examine your leadership and mentoring strengths and identify a mentor who can help you in your career journey? How can you differentiate between mentoring and leading?

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