Week 3 Project

HUM 1050 – Introduction to Literature

Assignment #1: Analytical Essay – Initial Submission

Write an APA-formatted essay of 1000 words on (a) Chopin's biography; (b) analysis of “The story of an hour” (Chopin, 2023); and (c) a critical review of the story. 

This essay should:

· be 1000 words long

· have an explicit thesis statement, with the main idea (the topic of the paper) and a controlling idea (what you, as the author, is saying about the topic)

· include an integrated, direct quote from the text to support the thesis in each of the body paragraphs

· be written using APA formatting guidelines

· use APA guidelines for citation, both in-text and on a References page

· write in 3rd-person only

· be submitted as a MS Word .docx file

Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.


Chopin, K. (2023). The story of an hour. https://www.katechopin.org/story-hour/