Last Discussion 8


Go back to the discussion topic in Week 1 and review your discussion posts.

Have any of your thoughts or concepts of trends in nursing have changed since week 1.  Please share specific examples.



When I think of issues and trends in nursing, I think of how there are constant changes in the management of patients and healthcare facilities based on the prevailing social, technological and economic changes. Issues and trends in nursing are patterns, development and changes that occur in the healthcare sectors to enhance the delivery of care services. Nursing issues and trends encompass a wide range of issues depending on the challenges the nursing sector faces at a particular time.

Issues and trends have affected nursing regulations and policies, particularly in the United States. Constant amendments and changes of policies and laws affecting nurses are crucial to ensure that healthcare personnel work within the framework of the law. The national, state and country are changed to fit international laws and policies. Nurses across the globe should be updated on the current issues and trends in nursing policies and regulations to comply with patient care.

Due to technological advancement, nurses must continue implementing new technologies to enhance data storage and real-time retrieval of patients’ medical care to facilitate care based on evidence-based information. The current trends in implementing advanced technologies in the nursing sector are in the right direction. For instance, implementing electronic health records (EHR) has improved communication and collaboration between nurses, particularly during patient complications and medical errors through the Internet.

I understand that the nursing sector is dynamic and influenced by other factors such as social, economic and politics of not only countries but the entire world. In this regard, nurses keep changing their methods, laws, policies, and techniques to handle patient challenges.