Hum Ecology & Environment w2

Hum Ecology & Environment

Week 2 discussion: Food security.


Pick any one question and respond in an original discussion post by midnight, Day 4 of Week 2.

After the initial post, you must also provide substantive responses to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts and remain active on at least 
2 additional days during Week 2.

1. Are the causes of food insecurity and food scarcity the same? Discuss in detail with examples. Are the causes individual or systemic, and which actors (production, distribution, consumption, or disposal) impact food security the most? Next, what is the relationship between food justice and racial justice? How can nurse professionals detect the food insecurities in their patients’ lives and help alleviate them? (USLOs 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)


2. You or someone you know may have a lived experience of food insecurity. If you are comfortable, can you share the situations the food insecurity presents to the person or family without referring to any names or relations? Do you think environmental issues caused them? Explain. What are the root causes of “hunger” issues, and how can they be eliminated? Next, how would nursing professionals help with the food insecurity issues of their patients? (USLOs 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)


Each week, your discussion will be graded on a point scale. To successfully complete each weekly discussion assignment, you must address all items included in the discussion topic/question in the initial post.

All posts should be thoughtful, add value to the discussion, and apply ideas, insights, or concepts from scholarly sources, assigned readings, lectures, or course materials in APA format.

Your input should be in your own words (to avoid plagiarism), demonstrating your understanding and comprehension of the topic. Be sure to support all your posts (initial post + responses) with specific references to the assigned readings, lecture material, and other relevant research you find appropriate in APA format.