Library Research 300 words Nursing

Due 9/10      10 am EST


In this unit you learned about the evolution of evidence-based practice and strategies to implement evidence-based practice. You were also provided with an introduction to quantitative and qualitative research designs.

An important step in the review of literature is the ability to identify the type of research that you are reviewing.

For this assignment, you will continue to consider your problem/topic of interest (HEALTH EQUITY). Using the HU Library, search for an article that is related to your chosen problem/topic.

Review the article and identify the type of research design (quantitative, qualitative, mixed).

  1. Provide the APA formatted reference for a full-text primary research article. The article must be peer-reviewed from the last 5 years.
  2. Identify the type of research design.
  3. What factors/information did you use from the article to determine the type of research?