industry Analysis

The industry analysis (also called 5 C’s analysis) is a tool for decision makers to understand how
companies distribute the profits available in a market. In this model, each company’s economic
viability is influenced by the competition and other players.
Please read the following article for more information on the elements of an industry analysis:

Casadesus-Masanell, R. (2014). Strategy Reading: industry Analysis. Harvard Business

The list presented below includes all the possible sections required for this analysis. You may
have to combine or omit items since some of them may not apply to the selected company or
information is not available.

1) Potential entrants
2) Buyers
3) Complements
4) Suppliers
5) Substitutes
This section should be between three to five pages in length. Make sure to use APA format to
cite all your references. The due date is day 7 of Module 5