Career Informative Speech — Geriatric Nursing

Please help me write this speech! I will add personal details to it later. Here is the relevant info, as well as the completed outline attached.

The purpose of the speech is to inform on a specific career related to the Academic Degree you are pursuing. The speech is not specifically about you.  Instead, it is about the career itself.

How To Get Started:

Imagine you are delivering a speech during Career Day at a school. Describe to your audience the nature of this profession such as specific daily job duties, working environment, educational requirements, job prospects, advancement prospects, salaries, etc.

Required Speech Details

  1. Educational and Training requirements
  2. Job prospects
  3. Type of physical location job occurs in such as office buildings, hospitals, outdoors, travel, etc.
  4. Type of social environment such as group settings, partners, solo work, etc.
  5. Day to day duties
  6. Salaries
  7. Continuing education and training required
  8. An interesting fact or anecdote about profession
  9. Formally cite three source citations in your speech. Sources can come from any verifiable publications: books, websites, journals, etc. Only one citation from each “type” of source is allowed. For example, one website, one magazine, one book, etc.