Principle of communication self assessment

Part 1: Conduct an initial self-assessment in communication wherein you self-evaluate according to The 7 Competencies of Effective Communication, presented by Engleberg and Wynn (2015): know thy self; connect with others; determine your purpose; adapt to the context; select message content; structure the message; express the message. As you write your responses in the narrative section, draw upon the information you have learned from your studies of the lessons, text, and assigned exercises to demonstrate how your present understanding of course content informs your self-assessment. You may consider using the questions Engleberg and Wynn (2015) ask in their graphic (as prompts for each competency reflection). Finally, assess your level of skill by circling or highlighting the appropriate descriptor: excellent, good, average, or weak.

Part 2: In light of your self-assessment, provide both an overview of your goals and develop an improvement plan that includes measurable outcomes or “goals” that you may revisit near the end of this course. You should have at the very least two goals with a measurable plan for each detailed. Further, consider a way that you will track your progress.

Required Format and Process

Download and complete each area of the self-assessment table by writing in sentence format; submit it to your faculty by the due date. Be sure to address all rubric criteria.