Week 1 Discussion: Social Factors

I live in Lady Lake, FL. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2022, the city of Lady Lake’s population was 16,661, the median income was $42,088, and the percentage of people living in poverty was 14.0% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2022). The grocery store that I usually shop at and that is local is called Winn-Dixie. The Winn-Dixie I went to was located in Lady Lake FL. I did my research when I went grocery shopping yesterday and gathered the prices of the following, all were non-organic.

· 1 gallon of milk: $ 4.19 (whole milk)

· 1 loaf of bread: $4.19 (butter bread)

· 1 bag of apples (including price per pound): $5.99 (for a 3lb bag) /$2.39 per pound.

· 1 bag of carrots: $2.39 (baby-cut carrots)

· 1 large container of yogurt: $5.99 (Greek yogurt 32 ounces)

· 1 2-liter of soda: $1.49 (liter of coke)

· 1 bag of chips: $5.99 (bag of Doritos)

· 1 package of cookies: $4.19 (Chips Ahoy)

When it comes to buying groceries there are several social factors that could impact what groceries are purchased. Poverty levels can impact what groceries are purchased due to limited income. Those with limited income and are considered to be “in poverty” will rely more on cheaper and more affordable food options.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, “Low-income groups tend to rely on foods that are cheap and convenient to access but are often low in nutrients” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.).Cheaper food options may not be the most nutritious or healthy. Also, those who live in poverty might rely more on food that is processed and packaged, these foods will last longer helping them get the most out of their money.  We can look at what is gathered above, yogurt is $5.99 and will not last as long as cookies which is $4.19.

The second social factor that could impact what groceries are purchased would be availability. When grocery stores have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables it can be easier for people to select those healthier options and incorporate them into their diets. If the grocery stores do not have these items readily available, then customers may be led to frozen processed fruits and vegetables. Availability and assortment are important for those who may not have the money or accessibility to other sources of fresh produce.

A community health nurse could use outreach as an intervention to address areas of food security. According to our book,
Community/Public Health Nursing, the definition of outreach is, “locates populations of interest or populations at risk and provides information about the nature of the concern, what can be done about it, and how services can be obtained” (Nies & McEwen, 2022). The community health nurse should focus on the poverty population recognizing that they are at risk for food security and reach out to them. Once information is gathered the CHN can then do further research on how we can help those in need and provide them the services they may need.


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