global health oct 8

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 Discussion Topic

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Submit your paper topic in this discussion board. Argue the significance of the chosen issue in improving global public health. You need to select a community/state within a low/middle income (developing) country afflicted by the selected global public health problem. 

Each topic should be supported by two studies from peer-reviewed journals. 

Word limit 350, APA in-text citation and reference list required.

When student submitted the previous topic comments professor did

Good attempt! But more work is required, you need to cite 2 studies from a chosen country in Africa – please select one country only, example Nigeria and all articles should be focused on that community. For the paper you need 5 studies from the same country on the same topic. For each study you will review – Purpose, methods, results and recommendations. 

Please submit your articles and citations – this needs to be re-done, I will re-grade. 

This is too broad and what are your variable. This is not a study and also looks like a copy paste – you need to write in your own words. 

Here is a suggested topic and paper:

Effect of ritualistic bathing on water quality of Ganga river in India. 

See if you can find similar studies that explore the impact of independent variable (bathing) on dependent variable (water quality)

You need total 5 such studies. 

All the Best, 

Dr. Puri 

2. Literature Review Assignment

Choose one articles on your chosen topic for this assignment. The review should include following components: study purpose, study methods – characteristics of the participants, study design, data-collection procedures, instruments used, and study results. 

Page length: 1 page. DO not attach the document, the review should be visible in the discussion board to the reader. 

References required: APA7 – in-text and reference list. 

Provide a link for the selected study! 

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