Current Topic Paper


  1. Personal and Professional Impacts* – 60 points (1-2pages): Share how the      COVID-19 Pandemic has affected you, your family, friends and neighbors,      both personally and professionally; 
  2. Current & Future Impacts on the ER/EE      Relationship and the Workplace – 60 points (1-2 pages): Leveraging your learnings in this class,      as well as additional research, identify both the current and likely future      issues and challenges resulting from the pandemic which you envision      impacting the employer/employee relationship and the workplace, considering      some or all of the following elements of the employee lifecycle:      recruitment and hiring, performance management, training and development,      career advancement, remote or flexible work arrangements, and compensation      and benefits; also consider the potential legal implications related to      discrimination in employment practices, including but not limited to      hiring, termination, worker’s compensation and disability.
  3. Critical Analysis & Conclusions – 60      points (1-2 pages): Offer your well-reasoned and informed analysis and      opinions on the most significant negative and potentially positive      outcomes of the pandemic, as it relates to the employer/employee      relationship and the workplace of the near future – what will the “new      normal” in the workplace look like!