Wk 2, HCS 430: DR 1

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Jessica Foster

9:02 AM

Hello Class!

A standard of care is described as the guideline for the appropriate status of care and treatment that should be established within the line of work. Standards of care are developed through the many laws and regulations that are in place, expecting organizations and individuals to perform up to the standards. Organizations can also tighten the standard even more, but it must not deviate out of the baseline standard. For example, state and local areas can establish a more customized standard of care.

These standards protect patients within the care they are receiving. It also ensures that medical practices, treatments, and diagnoses will be delivered in good quality. 

I personally feel as if standards are important. Without a standard, anything is accepted- which simply does not work in the health care industry. This is a way to maintain delivery of quality medical care, acting as a baseline, and it is pretty standardized anywhere in our nation. Some states even go a little further to increase their standard of care to make the care being delivered even better. Which is why there are some good medical facilities, and there are some great ones, and there are those that fail to meet the standard and end up in a mess of malpractice.