Wk 1, IOP 470: DR, 2

Respond to peer

Must be a substantive response and further the conversation.

APA format

175 word minimum

1 reference minimum

Jessica Guidry

5:36 PM

Hello Class,

With the onset of COVID-19, one side of the family decided to create a Marco Polo group for just the family. Marco Polo is a practical and private communication tool unlike typical social media. It is Video communication with anyone at anytime just like a text. Though most of the family lives in Georgia, we visit with each other often and vacation together yearly. Through Marco polo we can communicate and see each other while still safely quarantining. A social group provides feelings of love, appreciation, and caring by and for others (Stangor, 2016). Thankfully, technology has provided a way to maintain our family social group. In our family Marco polo group we share our feelings of the current situation while providing advice or clarity on specific topics without judgement. We have celebrated birthdays, worked on projects and shared stories as our way to stay connected at any time of the day. As the far away cousin, I was the organizer of the group and am grateful to chat with the family more than ever. Our common goal is to stay connected and continue to interact as we always have. A wine fairy delivers wine every week to each household and we have wine tastings together. Bingo cards have been delivered to everyone in our group and we have family bingo night. At least with Marco polo only one conversation happens at a time, which is never the case when we are together. 

Stangor, C. (2016). Social groups in action and interaction (2nd ed.). Routledge