Unit 7 Assignment PIW



Consider that you found an online job posting for your  dream job. Practice     completing a résumé package that includes a cover letter, a  résumé, and a     professional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats  (SWOT)    analysis.  This résumé package is designed to help you prepare for a  future    job  search.  

Cover Letter

The cover letter must be at least a one-page (three-paragraph)     memo that has been  tailored to a specific job that interests you. Outline your    cover letter using  the following steps: 

  • an opening paragraph that describes the position you are applying for,                   
  • a body paragraph that explains your skills and experience, and 
  • a closing paragraph that requests an interview and provides your contact              information. 

The résumé must be at least one page in length and  should adhere to  the    steps outlined in Chapter 14 (see page 206). The details  within the résumé     must be current with all relevant and up-to-date information. 

SWOT Analysis 

The SWOT analysis should address the professional  strengths, weaknesses,     opportunities, and threats related to your professional  career. Be honest with    yourself as you create this analysis. You may use bullet  points for the SWOT     analysis, but please use detailed and complete sentences.  Your SWOT    analysis must be at least one page in length. 

Compile  all three sections into one word document. Your complete    assignment must be at least three pages in length. Outside sources are  not a    requirement for this  assignment.