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I don’t know about everyone else, but I could use the word “project” to describe almost every task I do on a daily basis. I have class projects, I have work projects, I have home improvement projects, my kids have projects, heck I consider weekly dinner plans a project. I believe that all aspects of my life could benefit from using project management. Project management helps to plan, manage and execute any task whether it be a project or task I’m doing for work or home. Establishing a clear and organized plan improves teamwork. Sometimes my team consists of co-workers, other times it consists of other parents from my child’s sports teams and sometimes when I reference “my team” I’m talking about my husband and two boys.

Take for instance my example of weekly dinner plans being a project. Every week, usually Friday morning, I build out a dinner plan for each day of the upcoming week. I decide what we will have for dinner each day and from that build out a grocery list. When making my grocery list I also have to consider our budget for that week which may affect the items that are on my list and what I plan for dinner. I also have to communicate with my husband and children to get their input on the meals. This communication ensures that I am making food they will enjoy and consume, otherwise, it is money wasted. Especially now, I also have to plan for the possibility of the grocery store being out of items that are on my list, so I also have a list of alternatives just in case.  By treating our weekly dinner menu as a project, I ensure that I am not having to run to the grocery store multiple times a week or going through the “what’s for dinner” crisis every day which saves so much time. I am not overspending or purchasing items I don’t need which keeps me on budget. Lastly, my objective of planning dinner for the next week is met.

Basically, applying project management to everyday life is about control. Having a plan that is properly managed can make you feel more in control and allows less room for chaos and in my experience, less chaos is better for everyone!

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