Presentations on IVR third part


This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Develop findings and recommendations for an IT innovation project.

This is the third part of a three-part project in technology innovation. Through these three assessments you will

  • identify a potential IT innovation,
  • create a plan to implement that innovation
  • describe how the plan could be executed

In this stage of the project, assume that the IT innovation was executed within the organization. You will be creating a presentation to organizational stakeholders that discusses the innovation that you have implemented, how it was executed and what you have learned from this process. Because this is not an actual implementation you are free to use your industry experience and imagination to create details on the actual implementation.

Create a presentation that:

  • describes your IT innovation and why you chose to implement it
  • the steps or process you used to implement and execute the idea
  • a discussion of why you selected this process
  • the issues that you encountered during planning, implementation and execution
  • what you learn from this process, and how these learnings can be applied to future projects

Presentations should be a minimum of 12 slides, be a professional appearance, and include references to the concepts referenced.