ppls asmnt 6

This assignment is divided into 2 parts.  Submit the answers of these 2 parts into one document (1 file).

Part One: Certification

Visit the website http://www.asq.org/certification and check on the certifications that ASQ offers.  You will select only 1-2 certifications which you’re interested to obtain in the future and write 2-3 paragraphs (between 150-200 words, single space). Your answers should include:

–  What certifications and organizations are you currently attained (or none)?

–  Are you a membership of any organizations? Please indicate the name of organization and type of your membership

–  What are the certifications that you’re interested to obtain?  Are you qualified to take this certificate exam now? If not, what do you need to do to be able to take the exam? And what is your preliminary plan?

Part Two: Case Study

This part will provide you examples of case studies from the Air Academy Associates.  You will select, study and summarize one case from the website http://www.airacad.com/our-insights/case-studies/ Then you’ll  provide your own suggestions in solving the case problem.  Your writing should be in 1-2 pages (Time NW 12, single space) will include:-  Case title and business’ products/services-  Case problems and case questions-  Steps or process of solving case problems-  Tools, techniques, and application used in solving case problems-  Project results (e.g.  did it solve problem, cost saving, reducing failure rate/variation,…. )-  Your suggestions on how to solve case problems, criticize if the case did not provide proper solutions.

To access into the case studies, go to http://www.airacad.com/our-insights/case-studies/  then select the type of industries from the list. Different types include: manufacturing, government, financial services, energy and transportation, healthcare phama and biotech, professional and adminstrative services, information system and technology, and retail operations.