Within the Discussion Board area, write 350–500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

You will have 2 options this week for your DB posting. Select either Option 1 or Option 2 for your Discussion Board response. For your responses to classmates, please respond to at least 1 person from the option that you did not select and the second response from someone who replied to the same option as you.

Option 1

This week will focus on situational leadership. Situational leadership is based on a leader’s ability to adapt his or her style and approach based on what is most needed in that situation. What is most needed is usually determined by the gaps in subordinates’ skills and abilities with the task requirements. 

Research articles on situational leadership. Use high-level and synthesis thinking in your responses to the following questions:

  • Where do situational leadership and authentic leadership conflict, and where are there similarities? 
  • How would you apply situational leadership to improve the performance of leaders? 
  • How can the style approach (behavior theory) be combined with situational  leadership to develop subordinates? 

Option 2

Write 350–500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.

  • Steven Sample discussed the importance of leaders having experts. These experts, as defined by Sample (2003), need to be artful listeners so they can understand what the leader is trying to achieve and then help them accomplish these objectives. Contrarian leaders are able to distinguish      the experts that are saviors from the charlatans (Sample, 2003). 
    • Identify   5 experts that you need in your life during your doctoral journey and the objectives each expert will help you achieve.
  • Steven Sample discussed the importance of leaders to read what he calls supertexts. These supertexts, as explained by Sample, are insightful, the foundation of our culture, and stimulate original thinking. Some of the books he recommends are The Prince, Plato’s Republic, Shakespeare’s Hamlet  and Othello, Sophocles’ Antigone, and Dante’s Divine Comedy (Sample, 2003).  
    • What was the last supertext that you read? 
    • What  insights did you gain that helped stimulate original thinking? 
    • Why do you think Sample considered these supertexts more important than reading popular periodicals? Do you agree or disagree? Justify your answer.

In addition to addressing all requirements of the assignments, model answer includes the following:

Option 1

  • Discuss adaptation.
  • Discuss supportive versus directive interventions.
  • Where differences occur is in the approach. If a person is naturally supportive, he or she may find challenges in leadership roles that require him or her to be very directive. If the situation is more      temporary or instant, then situational leadership and authentic leadership are similar. In situations demanding a specific leadership style over long periods, if that style is opposite to the leader’s natural preference, the two may conflict.
  • As subordinates apply these theories, in assessing their performance and knowledge gaps, they will be better able to assess where they need to improve and can use the style approach to observe their      leaders and apply what they have learned.

Option 2

  • Identify your mentors as experts who will help you navigate through the dissertation process, professors as the subject matter experts, advisors as experts on university policies, maybe editors      as APA experts to help to finalize the dissertation. Personal experts like counselors to help manage the stress, and financial experts to help with the financial processes associated with the doctoral journey. Again, this is more personal, so answers may vary.
  • Key point: Experts should be able to help you meet your defined objectives.
  • Importance of supertext to history and culture.
  • The insights that are gained from your selected supertext should be connected to changing your mindset or helping your perspective on certain aspects of life.
  • Sample considered these supertexts more important than periodicals because they are changing the fabric of our thoughts, challenging our ideals, and causing us to rethink our own thoughts and      ideas. 

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