I need a assignment done for week 5 for my Recruit Develop Reward and Retain class

 Weight: 15% Format: Interview and Report Due Week 5, Day 7 INTRODUCTION To gain a real-world perspective on hiring, onboarding, and performance management, for this assignment you will do a short interview with an HR professional (or with a manager) at your workplace. You will ask a total of five questions and keep a record of the responses. Then you will write a paper of 2 to 3 pages, in the form of a report, summarizing the answers you received and reflecting on the impact the interview had on you. Use three of the suggested questions below and make up two questions of your own. Your questions should relate to at least TWO of the following HR topic areas: hiring, onboarding, and performance review. INSTRUCTIONS Approach your HR department (or manager) to arrange a short informational interview with a mid-level or senior professional in your workplace (half an hour or less). If you cannot make this happen in the timeframe required, you may instead interview a business professional whom you know outside of your current workplace. Questions for the Interview: Select three (3) of the below questions: 1. What 2 or 3 key competencies do you seek in job candidates? Why are these competencies at the top of your list? 2. When would you hire externally and when would you promote internally to fill gaps in your team? 3. How useful are references to you in assessing job candidates? 4. How do you onboard new members of your team or department? 5. What performance review process does your organization use? How effective is it? Create two (2) questions of your own, for a total of five (5) questions.