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Week 3- Annotated Bibliography 

Hi all,

   Thank you for starting the wonderful dialogue among yourself as we took our first steps into the field of ‘Outdoor Education’. This week I would like you to continue down the rabbit hole, pursuing an area of Outdoor Education that interests you most, or that you still have questions on. 

Please complete two (2) readings within the broad area of Outdoor Education of your choice. The CSUN OVIATT Library ONE SEARCH function is a wonderful resource. This search engine can be found on the right side of the OVIATT webpage- to an external site. or at (Links to an external site.) 

Please search for any topic(s) from our WEEK TWO reading. This can include (but isn’t limited too) keywords such as;  Outdoor Education, Adventure Education, Experiential Education, Environmental Literacy, etc. Choose a subject(s) that peaked your interest during last weeks discussion. Your three articles can be on different topics or areas of interest. 

Readings should be PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES or BOOK CHAPTERS. You can filter results using the left side of the ONE SEARCH page after you have searched for a keyword.  Please be cognizant of the year in which these articles were published so that you can situate them in your mental timeline of the subject. 

As you complete these readings in your own area of interest you will complete a MINI ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Your annotated Bibliography should provide an APA Citation for each of your sources, as well as a two paragraph summary of each reading. Please use the link below from the Purdue Online Writing Lab, for additional notes on content and formatting regarding APA style annotated Bibliographies.

250 Words