BUSI530 Week 6 Dropbos Assignment 2


For this assignment, you are to select one of the four cases listed below dealing with employment discrimination based on age and religion. Prepare a paper in which you discuss the facts of the case, the relevant provisions of the statute, and how the court interpreted and applied the provisions of the statute to the issues presented in the selected case.

Age Discrimination (Age Discrimination in Employment Act) Cases 

Religious Discrimination (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)  Cases

Your paper should begin with a discussion of the essential facts of the case, including a brief summary of the lower court decision(s) which gave rise to the appeal. Your discussion of the facts should be followed by a detailed analysis of the case. Your analysis should indicate what legal issues are presented in the case – in other words, what issues is the Court attempting to address and resolve? Some cases might have only a single issue, while others may have more than one. After you have described the facts and identified the legal issues presented, you should identify the relevant provisions of the law that the Court is interpreting in the case. In other words, what is the rule of law that governs the Court’s analysis of the case? Finally, you should summarize the Court’s decision, or holding, in the case, and discuss how the Court reached its decision. You should also consider and discuss the practical implications of the Court’s decision for both the employer and the employee.

Your assignment should be in the form of an paper analyzing and discussing a case or set of facts pertaining to one or more areas of employment law.

  • Your      paper should be from 6-8 pages in length, in Word format, and should be      double-spaced using a 12-point Times New Roman or similar business font.
  • You      may consult up to three (3) outside sources, although you are not required      to utilize outside sources.
  • Follow      the 6th Edition of the APA manual for documentation, if you do      consult outside sources.
  • Upload      your paper by Sunday evening at 11:59 p.m. CT.