Assignment 03: Research Topic

HA3300D – Healthcare Policy and Ethics

Assignment 03: Research Topic


In the Assignment 01, you considered 3 possible topics for the research paper you’ll submit at the end of this course. Today, your challenge is to narrow that list down to just 1 topic, and then to convince your professor that it’s a good one.

But how will you do that? The best research topics are specific, as this video from ProQuest Research Companion explains. Once you have (a) chosen and (b) narrowed your topic, propose it to your instructor.

What to Submit for this Assignment

Your proposal must include:

The original, broad topic with which you started.

The narrower, more specific topic your paper will consider.

Ethical questions and issues this topic raises.

Initial questions you have about this topic.

Your proposal should be 8-10 sentences, formatted in APA style, and use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.