What specific testing would the nurse expect the physician to complete?

Part 1: Physical AssessmentA patient is being seen in the clinic due to progressive hearing loss. The physician is completing testing to distinguish between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.1. What specific testing would the nurse expect the physician to complete?Part 2: Culture in NursingTopic: Native Americans believe that the illness comes from supernatural forces. Write about a specific health belief system that is common to a population.1. Abstract (1/2 page)2. Describe the origins of the health beliefs (topic). (1 page)3. Discuss the health implications of the health beliefs a. Are they potentially harmful? And why (1 page)b. There are advantages from this belief for Native Americans compared to another culture? and why4. How will you integrate the health beliefs into your nursing care? (write in the first person) (1 page)5 Conclusion (1/2 page)Part 3: Culture in NursingTopic (1 and 2): Down’s syndrome 1. How might parents from various cultures feel about the cause of this condition?2. How does this compare with biomedical understanding?An emergency room nurse is taking care of a 5-year-old boy who suffered trauma from a bike accident. His family identifies as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The nurse explains that the boy may need a blood transfusion. The parents express concern because taking blood, including via blood transfusion, is discouraged by their religion, a stance with which they agree.3. How should the nurse discuss this situation with the parents and the interdisciplinary health care team?4. What do you think the best course of action should be?5. What are the primary ethical issues related to the refusal of blood transfusions in a child?