Room reservation site

Hello, this needs to be a very basic webpage. This is project for a school assignment and doesn’t need to be flashy or extra. Think the simpler the better. As long as it works and hits all the points listed below ill be fine. Requirements:

  • Allow users to login to the site
  • Create a database to hold login info for website, reservation info, & conference room info
  • Allow users to register to the site
  • Users should be able to reserve rooms for a specified date and time range
  • Validate user input
  • Display error messages when appropriate.
  • List conference room reservations sorted in date and start time order
  • Allow two display options: 
    • All-display all conference room reservation schedules; past and future
    • Future-display conference room reservations that are scheduled in the future only

This site is to be hand coded ONLY do not use and site builders, any plugins/widgets, I only need it to be very basic. This is not a professional site it is a school project. I have provided a link of what is considered too far and not what im asking for.

* Do not allow reservations outside of business hours or during the weekends