Project Scenario 5 Lessons Learned Retrospectives

 Scenario 5: Sprint Retrospective

Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the “XYZ Corporation Case”. 

No comparison of the videos is required. Per Ms. Cortez, your task assignment is to execute the following steps and to develop and submit the cited summary/analysis deliverables. 

1. View Video 1 several times.

2. Summarize the key content of Video 1 and state its provided definition of Agile retrospectives. Also, include a reminder about any related content important to XYZ Corporation that is not included in the video.

3. View Video 2 several times.

4. Summarize the key content of Video 2 and state each of the wrong ways dramatized in the video. For each wrong way included in the video, state the corresponding right way, and provide a brief description of the right way in the XYZ Agile environment. 

5. View Video 3 several times.

6. List each mistake and tip included in the Video 3, and elaborate on each mistake and tip in 1-2 sentences. Cite which tips you think are most important for XYZ Corporation. Cite which tips you think are least important for XYZ Corporation. Also cite one additional tip not included in the video that we want to nonetheless emphasize at XYZ Corporation.

7. Watch Video 4 several times.

8. Summarize the key content of Video 4. Be sure to address: 1) what to keep as is (“like”); and 2) what to improve (“don’t like”) for the next Sprint, as well Mr. Southerland’s concept of “the one thing” to emphasize. After your initial summary, include 3 representative examples of items that may come up in a retrospective in the category of what to keep as is and the category of what to improve.