JAVA Program

You are tasked with creating a weather data collection program that asks the user for data, and then uses that data to output alerts to the user when certain conditions are met.

The data that is to be collected by the program includes:

  • Temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celisius
  • Percent chance of precipitation. (How great a chance that water will fall from the sky in some form.)
  • Percent Humidity.
  • Time of Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Wind speed.

With this data the program should send out to the user the following alerts when the conditions are met.

  • If temperature is above 90 it is a heat advisory, if above 105 it is a heat warning, if below 32 it is a freeze advisory, if below 20 it is a freeze warning.
  • If precipitation is < 25 % than it is a low chance, if it is between 25 % and 75 % chance then it is a decent chance and if it is greater than 75 % then it is a likely chance of rain. (Pair this with temperature though. If its below freezing it won’t be rain but snow that comes down)
  • If about 80 degrees with low humidity and no precipitation then it is a fire warning.
  • If wind speed is greater than 40MPH then it is a wind advisory. If above 60MPH then it is a wind warning.

There are also a few checks and balances possible.

  • Sunrise should never happen before 5AM and after 8AM
  • Sunset should never happen before 5PM and after 8PM
  • Obviously anything involving percentages should never go above 100% or below 0%