Web Database Project, due by the 19th at midnight

 Design a relational database to meet the needs of an application. Such as databases to organize your contact list, dvd collection, book collection (for a personal library), multi-media collection…etc. Create a MySQL database to put in a web hosting account. I suggest using the PHPMyAdmin tool to create your tables. You can also use the PHPMyAdmin tool to populate your tables with some initial data. Put some thought into how you will organize your database before you start creating it in MySQL. Pay attention to things like primary keys and data types. Keep the scope of the database somewhat reasonable.
Also, create a home page now that is related to the database that you create for this.
Just provide what is needed to copy into everything in to MySQP or PHPMyAdmin. It should be basic enough, I just have a lot on my plate and need help. Thanks 🙂