Data Normalization (Break into 5 subtables using 1N, 2N, AND 3N RULES) -On POSTGRE SQL -Your database must adhere to 3rd normal form (3NF).  See (Links to an external site.) (the “bookstore” example is really helpful). o must contain at least § 5 tables § 1 many-to-many relationship handled via a link table,(ref: (Links to an external site.)) § 1 foreign key constraint § prefer: foreign key constraint for all one-to-many relationships to ensure referential integrity § 1 field for each of the following types: § varchar § boolean § integer § float or numeric § date or timestamp § table called “sources” listing original data sources with columns: § table_name – the name of the table in your database it feeds § does NOT count toward the 5 required tables · Pose and answer 3 interesting questions that are difficult to answer with the original dataset but can be answered with your relational database using SQL o submit both SQL code and the answers to the questions Also § ER diagram 3 interesting questions & their answers