Biometric Techniques – Cybersecurity

Some common biometric techniques include:

  1. Fingerprint recognition
  2. Signature dynamics
  3. Iris scanning
  4. Retina scanning
  5. Voice prints
  6. Face recognition

Select one of these biometric techniques and explain the benefits  and the  vulnerabilities associated with that method in 3-4 paragraphs.

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– References required


I need an ethical dilemma using the ACM code of ethics and the following title:

“Does the Fourth Amendment extend to Digital Data?”

Essay , two topics 10 pages excluding references

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Module 1 Case Project 1-2

Jonathan Simpson owns a construction company. One day a subcontractor calls him saying that he needs a replacement check for the job he completed at 1437 Elm Street. Jonathan looks up the job on his accounting program and agrees to reissue the check for $12,750. The subcontractor says that the original check was for only $10,750. Jonathan looks around the officeand cannot find the company checkbook or ledger. Only one other person has access to the accounting program. Jonathan calls you to investigate. How would you proceed? Write a one-page report detailing the steps Jonathan needs to take to obtain the necessary evidence to protect his company.


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COM303 Week 7 Discussion 19


Choose three issues discussed in Chapter 10 of the textbook that you would’ve like to have seen in more detail in the “Outsourcing” episode of 30 Days.  How might better awareness of those issues have added clarity to the episode? Why is clarity regarding these particular issues so important?

Interpersonal Communication Principles

Discuss principles that govern interpersonal communication interactions. In MS Word, list the 5 principles of interpersonal communication. Then choose one principle and share an experience you have had that illustrates or is an example of that principle. Explain why your example fits the criteria for that principle. 

Write at least 2 paragraphs to address this question

Digital/Computer Forensics

 A digital forensics professional must know basic IT skills, understand computer architecture and networking, and have analytical and investigative skills, as well as strong attention to detail. Why do think all of these skills are necessary? Please explain 


Please choose any two topics from the list below and create approx. 1 to 1 ½ page essay answering the 2 questions (out of 4).  Be sure to use at least one reference and ensure the paper is in APA format (with in-text citations).  Note: Avoid DIRECT wording from any source, rather rephrase the author’s work and use in-text citations where necessary.

  1. Name the basic constructs of an ensemble model. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ensemble models?
  2. List and briefly describe the nine-step process in conducting a neural network project.
  3. What is the main difference between classification and clustering? Explain using concrete examples.
  4. What are the privacy issues with data mining? Do you think they are substantiated?

** Please note you have minimal space and time to complete the assignment, do NOT write an introduction, rather just answer any 2 questions from above.  Paste it in the Editor’s window and save it when you are done.

week -13 cpm

Project Title: Creating Company E-mail and WIFI / Internet Use Policies Attached you will find a description of your final project assignment.